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Newsletter No. 5 - Summer 2015

Hints and tips for a succesful children's party

Every event is different, and everyone has different requirements for their party. Here are just a few "Top Tips" for you ... I hope you find them useful!!

1. Book Magic Martin Early! Even if you are not exactly sure of the venue, it's always best to get this done first. So long as you know whereabouts the party will occur (i.e. the town) then Magic Martin can work other bookings around you. When booking him, feel free to ask lots of questions and ask him how the party will run. Let him know the age group, specific interests, etc. Magic Martin is a full time professuional entertainer, and he will be able to answer your questions. Ensure that you receive confirmation (preferably by post to avoid the possibility of emails lost to spam). Please remember to keep Martin informed of venue changes, and any requests for time and theme changes. He will always do his best to accommodate.

REMEMBER - Christmas and holiday times are very popular - please book early to avoid disappointment. Magic Martin may be a magician but even he cant be in two places at once!!!

2. Ensure your venue is appropriate. Whether at a hall, house or garden, make sure it is the correct size for the number of attendees. Too large and the children will feel lost, too small and they will not have enough room for playing games, to eat, etc. Again, ensure that you have a written booking confirmation.

3. Dont go over the top on food. More children these days (especially smaller ones) have a tendancy towards fussy eating (especially in the party environment) and are drawn towards the sweeter items. You dont want to be left with plates of sanswiches and sausage rolls, so it is often best to keep most of the sweet items out of sight and start with mainly savoury items. A mixture of ice-creams can be a very good and cost effective idea for that extra sweet treat!!

4. Make the food fun. There are loads of food ideas online, from jelly in orange skin boats, to pineapple and cheese hedgehogs. Shaped themed sandwiches are also great along with hotdogs and maybe fish fingers for the non hotdog lover. "Martian's Pie" is a great alternative for dessert - Green Angel's Delight mixed with chopped up Mars Bars - delicious!! It can be a good idea to get the birthday star and siblings involved in the food preparation - you can even do fractions on cutting sandwiches and they wont even know they have just had a maths lesson!!

5. Goodie Bags. These are fun but I am sure you have found, can be very expensive by the time you buy all the individual bits. Magic Martin often provides balloon animals for everyone at an inexpensive cost. Please enquire either when booking or prior to you party.

6. Payment for the party. Magic Martin does not ask for deposits, although many magician and party entertainers do, even asking you to sign and complete a contract beforehand. This is a very long winded procedure - Magic Martin does not do this - he trusts his clients!! Cash or cheque (or an occsional bank transfer) is acceptable. Need a receipt - just ask us, it's not a problem. Any other queries - please contact us.

FINALLY. Your job is to not get stressed and enjoy the party too!! You would be amazed to know how good it is for the children to see parents enjoying themselves too, even participating or dancing. Hosting the party should not be daunting, and Magic Martin has done lots of parties - he's been there before - he will help you overcome any hiccups , should they occur.


Childrten's Magic Show - Magic Martin, Worthing

"We (my wife and I) were watching you interact... You are great mate. One kid in particular was causing you a little grief.. Your humour shone through. If you look closely at one of the images above* the kids are glued to what you were doing.. Nice one pal. I hope your phone rings a tiny bit more as a result of people seeing this. They will not be disappointed." W.W. Worthing (Aug 2015) *pictures not used as no parental consent from public appearance

Louise's Party

"Aaron loved Spike the best - seal of approval received as he said he would have you again! "
Mrs M, Portslade

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"I didn't think it was physically possible for twenty 4 and 5 year olds to sit totally still and transfixed for 1 hour!" Mrs P, Southwick


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